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Holy Trinity Welland


Donations always greatly appreciated

Holy Trinity Welland is a community active parish who continues to give back to the community and are always grateful for donations.

Thank you for helping us help others.


1. To make donations of any kind you can E-Transfer to    

2. Directly through the Diocese:     You have many options here and will need to select Welland and our Church so it comes directly to us.

3. You can donate through our online account using your Credit card and can select your option for donation by the following three links:


Hygiene & Food Pantry

Meat Pies

 IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOME MEAT PIES…. Or know anyone who does…. Please email the church with your order… then you can pay online at the link above… and we will arrange to have someone drop them off…Drop off will be knock and drop.

Lindsey Michelle